We provide improved air quality to industrial, institutional, commercial and residential markets.
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Learn How Ionization Energy Cleans the Air

Aerisa solutions harness powerful air purification technology. Ionization Energy (IE) is the amount of energy needed to strip an electron from a molecule in order to break it up and remove it from the breezing zone.  Aerisa’s products produce the positive and negative oxygen ions needed to control and remove odors from a space.  Whether that space is a school cafeteria, a restroom, or an animal clinic, the same process takes place.
Different applications will have different odors and gases present. The IE of those specific gases is what tells us how effective ionization will be. Since we are creating Oxygen Ions, any gas with an IE below that of Oxygen will be susceptible to oxidation through ionization.  The IE of Oxygen is 12.07.

Example:  Ammonia (NH3).  IE level of 10.07.  Once the ion clusters are delivered into a space containing NH3 gas, they will combine to exchange electrons, and that process breaks up the NH3 gas into Oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor.  This is an immediate and irreversible reaction.

Aerisa's general commercial brochure lists all product offerings. Contact your local Aerisa representative for more details.

Aerisa manufactures bipolar ionization technology that results in dramatic air quality improvements in a wide array of markets including industrial, institutional, commercial and residential. Aerisa successes are found in the most demanding applications, such as wastewater treatment, food processing, casino, athletic, and transportation.

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